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Our Services

Office Cleaning

We offer professional office cleaning, institutions, commercial building, malls etc. at a very affordable rates without compromising quality. Our cleaners are trained, presentable and professional in their work.

Work at Height (Window Cleaning, Structure Repair/Painting)

We the leading provider of window cleaning services in Nairobi. Our systems are safe and approved. Our staff are well trained on safety and insured against any work related liability. ‘Safety first” is our principle when working at height.

Sanitary Services

Lack of sanitary bins is the main cause of toilet blockage. We service the bins twice per month. We are aware that If the bins are not serviced on time they may also become nuisance.

Fumigation & Pest Control

We have over 10 years’ experience in dealing with stubborn pests. Contact us to deal with resistant pests in your office, home, store, go-down, gardens etc.


We don’t just deal with the inside the house, but also outside. We use natural flowers, plants, stonework and water features to create beautiful lawns, walkways, shrubbery and our outdoor designs based on your preference.

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